My Story

Nite = Night, because I had a soul-crushing job that only allowed me to work on my music at night. Because I’m introverted, and my mind and creative flourishes more at night than during the day when I have to interact with others.

Mrkt = Market, because I work in marketing, and I like it, and it’s fun when you believe in what you’re selling.

I was born in West Virginia, which many people don’t actually know is its own state. I always had a deep interest in music - specifically in piano and synthesizers. I also struggled with anxiety and depression - like tons of other musicians. I felt alienated and lonely. I wanted so badly to get out of my home state.

Luckily, I found some like-minded people in high school. We formed a punk/ska band - I played keyboard and sax (circa 2006-2008). I really miss those guys - I hope they’re doing well. It was great - we played shows all over our tiny state. We loved it. But I was always more interested in electronic instruments and music.

We all graduated and the band broke up. I went to college and forgot about my love of music. I started drinking - heavily. I graduated, had no job, lost my girlfriend, but I kept up the drinking. I was truly miserable.

Eventually, after a lot of hard work (even while being drunk every night) and after a few lucky breaks, I was able to get a job in D.C. I was laid off after five months (don’t go in the newspaper industry). But I got lucky again, and got a job in New York thanks to a close friend.

But the drinking persisted. It got worse and worse until eventually I would black out after 5 drinks. I became a different person when I was drunk. I did out of character things. But my new and supportive (and current) girlfriend was patient and helped me overcome my drinking problem - even after I blacked out one night and came to on an airplane.

I stopped drinking in 2016. That’s when I realized I had a ton of free time and extra money from not being hungover or going out all the time. I also rediscovered my love of music. So I started producing after work. I set goals for myself and came up with a plan. I dusted off my MIDI controller and got to work.

I settled on the name Nite Mrkt in 2017. I released my first EP that year. I’m going to continue producing and releasing as much music as I possibly can. My goal is simply to make music I love, and maybe some other people will like it too. Also, eventually getting a set at Good Room, Bossa Nova, House of Yes, or Output would be a lovely experience.

Why do I make music? Because it’s the only way I can unwind or release some stress or deal with my anxiety other than blacking out and destroying myself. I chose beats instead of booze. I chose music over melancholy.

Other Interests/Work:
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Net Neutrality (I work for a new, net-neutral ISP called Starry)
  • Philosophy 
  • LSD and its effects on addiction, depression, and anxiety 
  • Secular Buddhism
  • Email Marketing 
  • Graphic Design