'Redemption' featured on Spotify Playlist:

"Mr. Suicide Sheep - The Sound You Need"

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Acid Ted:

“A tune that makes out like it’s ambient but isn’t really. It’s more of a soft house loveliness. That’s Prefrontal from Nite Mrkt. Starts of with a whirring of emotions and sounds before resolving into a house synth piano line of halcyon evocativeness. An endorphin rush of a tune and synths tumble everywhere. Proper outdoor clubbing tune.

“Finally, the Redemption from Nite Mrkt. This is a chilled sort of uplifting tune. This sparkles with the electronic uplift of minor victories as hopeful synths vie with downbeat bass. The toast falling butter side up sort of thing.

Mystic Sons:

“Brooklyn-based producer shares his love of synth with this catchy electro-inspired beat”